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... Free Beer, the title short story is a revved up,  laughing kick which gives great insight into Kerouac's intelligence and wit. It left me with the impression that Kerouac was even more of a genius than I had imagined. - Jim M.
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Tod Bryant, circa 1969.
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Free Beer

Free Beer: Kicks & Truth with Jack Kerouac

Free Beer-Kicks and Truth with Jack KerouacOver four thousand books have been written about Jack Kerouac, mostly by people who never knew him. I met him in a honky-tonk and became his friend and pool partner.

Jack encouraged me to write, suggesting a title for my first story, Free Beer. Kerouac didn't know that it would be about him, although I feel he wanted the world to read about our adventures. I wrote Free Beer to stand up for him against the unfair critics who surfaced after his death and to show his comedic genius.

What happened to Kerouac? No one could express Kerouac's road kicks and foibles better than he did in his novels, but during the last part of his life he realized a true satori. Jack Kerouac found the peace that he was looking for and Free Beer is about this enlightenment. 

Free Beer
features a vignette, Kicks and Truth, that Kerouac and I wrote in 1968 and Dare to Be Kind, an in-depth interview with Canadian scholar Rod Anstee, which will satisfy the most inveterate Kerouac fan. The other strong drinks show something of real life. Free Beer, drink up! - Cliff Anderson

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