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Photo credits:
Tod Bryant, circa 1969.

Free Beer Reviews

 ... Free Beer, the title short story is a revved up,  laughing kick which gives great insight into Kerouac's intelligence and wit. It left me with the impression that Kerouac was even more of a genius than I had imagined. - Jim M.


Cliff Anderson

Cliff Anderson has worn many different hats through his life and has had many varied interests. He has been a musician, truck driver, college student (B.A. in English),
journeyman carpenter, teacher, program specialist at a day treatment center for disabled
retarded adults, ski bum, sailor and writer.

Cliff wrote Free Beer: Kicks & Truth with Jack Kerouac to stand up for him against the unfair critics that surfaced after his untimely death. Cliff met Kerouac (King of the Beatniks) by accident in a St. Petersburg, Florida bar. Free Beer opens with a raucous
description of this meeting and shows the beginning of his friendship with Kerouac and a
vignette co-authored with Kerouac is featured in the book. One hat Cliff wore with pride
is that he was Kerouac’s driver. A story in Free Beer, The Present, shows that he had at
least on one occasion a way with fast cars to rival the great driver of On the Road fame
Dean Moriarty (Neil Cassady).

Cliff is presently sailing his boat Mystica and celebrating the release of his new book, Jack Learns to Play the Gypsy Guitar, an instruction book for young people.